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Site Map

  1. 1、Recent Issues
  1. 2、Environmental Topics
    1. 2-1、Air Quality Management
      1. 2-1-1、Environmental monitoring and improvement
        1. 2-1-1-1、Background of Air Quality
        2. 2-1-1-2、Environmental monitoring of the Special Industrial Park
        3. 2-1-1-3、Acid Rain
      2. 2-1-2、Emission Information and Model Simulation
        1. 2-1-2-1、Air Quality Model Support Center
        2. 2-1-2-2、Air Pollutant Emissions Data Inventory
      3. 2-1-3、Air Quality Protection Policy
        1. 2-1-3-1、National Air Pollution improvement implementation plan
        2. 2-1-3-2、Expenditure of air pollution control fees
        3. 2-1-3-3、River dust prevention and improvement
        4. 2-1-3-4、Ozone Layer Protection
        5. 2-1-3-5、Air Quality Purification Zone
      4. 2-1-4、Poor Air Quality and Contingency
        1. 2-1-4-1、Suspended Particulate Disaster Prevention and Protection
        2. 2-1-4-2、Air pollution behavior control during the designated air quality deterioration warning period
        3. 2-1-4-3、Warning information on severe deterioration of air quality
    2. 2-2、Stationary Pollution Sources Control
      1. 2-2-1、Permit Management System
      2. 2-2-2、Air Pollution Control Fee System
      3. 2-2-3、Management of Continuous Emission Monitoring System
      4. 2-2-4、Other stationary pollution sources control
        1. 2-2-4-1、Reinforcing control of dioxins and other hazardous air pollutants
        2. 2-2-4-2、Improved Control of Fugitive Dust Pollution Sources
        3. 2-2-4-3、Control of VOCs from consumer products
      5. 2-2-6、Emergency Response and Handling of Air Pollution Incidents
    3. 2-3、Mobile Pollution Sources Control
      1. 2-3-1、New Vehicle Control
        1. 2-3-1-1、New Vehicle Certification & Recall
        2. 2-3-1-2、Certification and Authorization of Motor Vehicle Air Pollutants
        3. 2-3-1-3、Green Vehicle Guide
      2. 2-3-2、Control of Vehicles In-use
        1. 2-3-2-1、Promoting Periodic Inspections of Motorcycle Exhaust Gas
        2. 2-3-2-2、Non-periodic Air Pollutant Emissions Inspection of In-use Mobile Pollution Sources
        3. 2-3-2-3、Report to High-Emitting Vehicle
      3. 2-3-3、Subsidy
        1. 2-3-3-1、Help Promote Awareness of Replacing High-Pollution Motorcycles with Low Pollution Ones
        2. 2-3-3-2、Multiple Subsidizations Program of Large Diesel Vehicles
      4. 2-3-4、Other Control
        1. 2-3-4-1、Air Pollution Control Fees
        2. 2-3-4-2、Fuel Source Control
        3. 2-3-4-3、Harbor Pollution Control
        4. 2-3-4-4、Air Quality Maintenance Zones
    4. 2-4、Taiwan Air Quality Monitoring Network
    5. 2-5、Indoor Air Quality
    6. 2-6、Noise and Non-ionizing Radiation Control
      1. 2-6-1、Non-ionizing Radiation Control
      2. 2-6-2、Report a noisy vehicle
      3. 2-6-3、Noise Control
  1. 3、Contact us
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